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Practitioners, products and tools I swear by

I believe in the power of Nature to enhance and maintain health, strength and vitality. I welcome collaborations with practitioners with a similar approach. I only work with companies that put people first and deliver the highest standard of service and quality. In this section I share those that I trust and have personal experience of.

I favour a natural approach to health and beauty and traditional systems of wisdom such as Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) are my go-to if my body and mind need a little reset. 

Face, neck and head massage are favourites of mine because I can do them at home: facial Gua Sha is particularly effective when done right and Lanshin's  techniques are easy to learn and super effective. Try Sandra's techniques as taught by herself on her site and benefit from a 20% off when purchasing one of her exceptional tools via my referral link*:

* I am not paid to promote Lanshin's products and techniques, but I do get a small commission on purchases through the referral link

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